About the Author

Why would anyone doubt that William Shakespeare wrote the plays attributed to him? Intrigued, the author of The Death of Shakespeare embarked on a journey through the history of Elizabethan England to find out the answer to that question. After more than a decade of research and thousands of miles of travel, Jon Benson concluded that Edward de Vere, the Seventeenth Earl of Oxford, was the genius who wrote them. But why was Shakespeare given the credit? The Death of Shakespeare provides the answer.


The Death of Shakespeare never forgets to entertain its readers while challenging their preconceptions. All the characters of Elizabethan Londonls theatrical world... are brought to life with economic pacing and very natural-sounding dialogue. This novel will appeal to any reader of smart historical fiction.” -The Historical Novel Society

This well-paced novel explores the widely-held theory that perhaps Shakespeare was not the author of the plays attributed to him. If Shakespeare was not the author, then who did write those famous plays? This is a book for those who consider themselves experts on Shakespeare, his plays and language and others, and who enjoy a historic, well researched novel and conundrum.”

Clearly the author has researched the period meticulously and knows well the plays traditionally attributed to Shakespeare. He creatively weaves his tale of how the Earl of Oxford is the real genius behind these masterpieces of English literature. This book brings the intrigue, romance, rivalries and humor of the Elizabethan period to life. From nobles to servants, from Queen Elizabeth to Falstaff, the characters are memorably and intelligently depicted. In sum, this book is both a literary and historical feast that I found very enjoyable.”

I was impressed with the author's literary allusions and his familiarity with the plays and sonnets. He certainly has a good grasp of pacing, characterization and dialogue. And the whole idea of Shakespeare not being the author of the oeuvre traditionally attributed to him is definitely intriguing.”

“The Earl of Oxford March” by William Byrd, performed by the Synergy Brass Quintet